Global Presence丨The opening ceremony of Etron Mexico factory


On November 4th, 2023, the opening ceremony of Etron Mexico factory was held in Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. The factory will realize the localization process of Etron products from production to delivery, expand production capacity and further improve global supply chain presence of Etron.



The opening ceremony was attended by representatives from Etron, including Dr M.K. Mak, Chief Business Officer (4th from left); Plant Manager of SBD Monterrey (4th from right); Antonio Luna, Director of Foreign Investment of the State of Nuevo León (3rd from left); Dr. Bin Du from Plug Power (3rd from right); Solomon Huang, Bergstrom General Manager (Mexico) (2nd from left); Jeff Thomson, Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) (2nd from right); Juan Carlos, Prodensa Project Manager (1st from left), and Fantasy Lin, President of Etron Mexico plant (1st from right), and other representatives from various sectors attended the opening ceremony.




ETRON MEXICO covers an area of 2,000 m² with a buliding space of 2,800 m². Currently there is one SMT line and we aim to have three SMT lines by the end of 2023 to provide closer, faster and better service to our customers in North America.




During the opening ceremony, Antonio Luna, Director of the Foreign Investment Agency of Nuevo León, Karem Barraza, Plant Manager of SBD Monterrey, and Dr M.K. Mak, Chief Business Officer of Etron, made speeches and expressed their good wishes for future cooperation.


Antonio Luna

Director of Foreign Investment of the State of Nuevo León


"It is very important for us that Nuevo León is in second place in terms of investments from China that Mexico has received this year. Monterrey is the most job-creating region in Mexico, and we have the advantages in strategy, geographic location, economic opportunities, excellent connectivity. We are ready to work together for the success of the Etron project."


Karem. Barraza

Plant Manager of SBD Monterrey


"This is a tremendous accomplishment and I am proud of what you are building here. We are delighted that you are investing in Mexico and creating jobs in the area, and of course wish you all the benefits of being here accordingly. We look forward to a successful and long-term relationship with Etron and congratulations."


Dr M.K. Mak

Chief Business Officer of Etron


"We want to get closer to our customers in order to serve our customers faster and better, so we are standing here today. We can see the slogan of EMS³. Traditionally, we call Electronics Manufacturing Services EMS, so what do the three parties stand for - Services, Supply Chain and Solutions. We bring all parties together to make the highest standard and quality products for our customers. One thing I feel very proud of ETRON is that we put our customers first and we make everything possible for our customers. We are committed to expand here and contributing to the local community and citizens."






The establishment of Mexico factory is a vital milestone of ETRON's overseas factory construction presence, a staged victory, and marks a solid step in ETRON's globalization presence. Etron will further promote the globalization, accelerate the cultivation of talents, take advantage of geographical and economic advantages to further strengthen the connection with our partners. To please our customers so well that our service will be their first choice.